Sunday, 25 December 2016

Voopee(Change your Whatsapp number +Free calls +Free message) 

Change Your Whatsapp Number( +91 to +60) VOOPEE APP(Free call & Message option r also available)

 How to Change Your Whatsapp number

 Step 1:- Accept terms and condition of voopee. 
 Step 2:- Voopee Automaticlay detect your number and provide you 5 (+60) numbers.

Step 3:-Choose 1 number from provided numbers. 
Step 4:-Voopie ask u some questions ...Accept all. 
Step 5:-Now your account was created. 
Step 6:-Find your number -Click on 3 dots.


Step 7:-Here you can see your +60 number.


Step 8:-Go on Whatsapp type 60 in the place of 91 then Enter Your Voopee number Here.
Step 9:-Your whatsapp confermation code Message is in Voopee App.
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Enjoy Voopee....!!!

You’ll Just Love Voopee When You Meet Other Voopee-ers. See Why.

Call & text for free? Definitely! Call other Voopee users from around the globe! Chat in crystal HD clarity, exchange texts, voice messages or snap & send pictures for FREE.

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